How much does PayLease’s service cost?

PayLease provides multiple pricing options to ensure our service will meet the needs of any portfolio type.  Our team of specialists will work with you to determine a pricing structure that is best suited to your company’s needs. Please contact our sales team at sales@paylease.com to receive a custom quote for your company.

Are e-payments safe?

E-Payments are completely safe when you work with a processor who complies with industry regulations and has expertise with electronic payments. PayLease’s expert team members are specialists in payment processing and know how to ensure that your payments program is secure. We adhere to international auditing standards and are certified PCI and SSAE 16 compliant so sensitive information is not at risk.

What kinds of companies use PayLease?

PayLease services property management companies large and small across all 50 states. Our clients are a mix of multifamily, single family, HOA and commercial portfolios.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Our setup process is quick and painless. We can have you processing payments within a couple of weeks from receiving your completed paperwork.

Where do my residents go to make payments?

PayLease offers clients custom web integration so residents can go directly to your website to make a payment. If that is not ideal, residents can also pay by going to paylease.com and registering for an account. And ffor residents who would prefer live assistance with their e-payment, we offer a 24/7 call center for phone-in payments.

How do I receive my funds?

Funds will be electronically deposited into the bank accounts that you specify. We can easily accommodate depositing funds into multiple bank accounts if needed. Our system also supports the ability to electronically transfer funds directly to property owner accounts – saving you the time and effort of cutting paper checks

How do I receive my payment details/information?

PayLease offers integration into the vast majority of property management and HOA accounting software packages, enabling payment information to automatically populate into your system. Property managers can also utilize a variety of tools within their PayLease account to view transaction reports and setup notifications and alerts.

What kind of client support does PayLease offer?

We provide clients with extensive support resources.  PayLease provides each client with a dedicated account manager to help with training, marketing and driving e-payment utilization. Property managers can also take advantage of our Client Services team when they need technical assistance or general account support. And finally, we offer residents their own 24/7 call center when they choose to make a payment over the phone.

Does PayLease help me communicate and promote the service to my residents?

Yes. Informing your residents about their new payment options is a must if you want them to utilize the service. PayLease provides a variety of free marketing materials geared toward your portfolio type to help raise awareness among residents.