Making a Good First Impression: 10 Ways to Make Move-Ins Easier for Residents

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Let’s be honest – moving is not fun. But for community managers, move-in day is a perfect opportunity to kick start resident retention efforts by making a good first impression. Here are some easy ways you can make the move-in process less stressful for your residents and start building a solid relationship with them. Read More

Deregulated Energy1

Deregulated Energy; Why Pay More?

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Often times the word “deregulated” is met with staunch opposition across the board. However, in the context of deregulated energy, it is both progressive and advantageous, especially as it concerns property managers and owners. Read More


How Can Companies Achieve the Perfect Billing Solution?

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What do you look for in the perfect billing solution? Ideally, you want something whose components create a happy medium for both you and your customers Read More


How to Increase Your HOA’s Revenue with Coupon Books

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Successful HOA’s are always looking to find creative and unique ways to be competitive and profitable. Would you like to eliminate an annual expense or turn that expense into a profit? Of course you would! Read More


Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated: 4 Tips on Employee Incentives

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In the corporate world, motivation and reward isn’t the same as collecting a paycheck. There’s a lot more needed to get your employees to do their best and keep your company moving in a positive direction. Read More


How to Engage Multifamily Employees: The Top 3 Factors That Companies Use Today

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Understanding the work force and the combination of multiple generations working together in is challenging. But getting your employees to actually use their discretionary efforts – meaning their own choices to be actively involved in decisions for the company’s best interests – seems to be the ultimate challenge in today’s workplace. Read More


Four Interview Questions You Should Ask Convergent Billing Providers But Aren’t

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If your properties are new to convergent billing, then the task of finding the right vendor may seem a little overwhelming. To help you do your homework, here are a few important questions you should ask to evaluate each potential vendor’s expertise. Read More


Fair Housing, Rental Payments and Disability: One Size Does Not Fit All

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Rent is due on the first and late on the second. And we don’t make any exceptions because of the Fair Housing Act, correct? Well, not exactly. Read More


5 Summer Tips for Student Housing Professionals

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In a few short months, college students will be heading back to school. And for student housing community managers, the weeks leading up to move-in will be chaotic. Read More


Where Do Your Residents Live? Tips for Collecting Resident Email Addresses

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You are a community manager. You know where your renters reside, right? You know their unit number and their building. You, of all people, are “in the know” when it comes to someone’s location. Read More


Lose the Drama: 4 Online Payment Options for Residents

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There are people that love drama. There are people that create drama. There are people that feed on watching other people’s drama. Read More


The Mobile Checkbook for Tech Savvy Renters

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Paying bills, particularly rent, has evolved tremendously over the past few years. And depending on if your renter prefers a digital or paper process, the way they pay can be vastly different. Read More