the perfect hiring storm

Finding (and Keeping) Talented Leasing Professionals

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The multifamily construction boom is in full swing across the nation. And there has been a lot of talk about the lack of skilled tradesman and construction workers needed to build the thousands of new apartment communities that are springing up across the country. Read More

better faster stronger

Better, Faster, Stronger

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While that might be a tagline from on old TV show, the same premise applies when it comes to the systems and technology we use in our day to day operations. We are always looking for improvements in our systems to enhance the user experience, streamline operations, increase efficiency, and overall improve our bottom line. Read More

Why You Should Outsource as Much of Your Accounts Payable as Possible

Why You Should Outsource As Much of Your AP as Possible

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For most property management firms, processing Accounts Payable (AP) requires the largest amount of overhead and offers the smallest return or NOI gain. Yet many property managers are reluctant to outsource the process. Read More

Alleviating Resident Concerns About Mold

Alleviating Resident Concerns About Mold

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A malfunctioning furnace, a broken dishwasher, lost keys. All of these are common problems residents run into and bring to their property manager’s attention. Thankfully, each of these scenarios is a fairly easy and quick fix. However, when a mold arises, it is almost always accompanied with a host of other worries and questions. Read More


From 0 to 100: How Rainey Realty Collects 100% of Resident Payments Online

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One of the most common questions we hear from clients is “How can I increase the number of residents who pay online?”. While there are plenty of free resources and programs designed to boost utilization, most property management companies struggle to move their entire resident base to online payments. Read More

7 Ways To

7 Ways to Modernize Older Communities

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With all the new apartment construction taking place nationwide, some owners and management companies are struggling for ways to make their older properties appeal to renters. While it’s true there are a fair share of renters who just want ‘new’, there are a plethora of ways to compete that don’t necessarily involve adding flashy amenities like a zero entry design saltwater pool or a climbing wall. Read More


Remember to Think Like a Customer!

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While I was preparing to teach an advertising and marketing class a few weeks ago, I was reminded of my first experience managing a multifamily advertising campaign. Although I had worked in the retail industry prior to becoming an apartment manager, I had no training or experience creating or managing advertising. Read More


Tips for Attracting Millennial Renters

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Millennials, also known as Gen Y, are making a big impact in the property management industry. Defined as consumers between 18 and 36 years old, there are more people in this age group renting than ever before. Read More


Webinar Recording: 25 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Property

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No matter how many properties you have, marketing is essential for gaining prospects and building resident retention. And believe it or not, some of the most effective marketing techniques are under $100. Read More


Local Property Managers Offer Online Payment Solutions

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In an increasingly online world, a recent report found almost 75 percent of households with Internet access pay at least one of their monthly bills electronically. Read More


Is Multifamily Finally Saying Goodbye to Checks?

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The multifamily industry has a reputation of being slow pokes when it comes to adopting technology. Between rent checks, applications and leases, there are a lot of paper documents circulating around your typical leasing office. Read More


Q&A: Industry Experts Sound Off on the Latest Technology Trends

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The release of our 2014 Market Survey has generated a lot of buzz about trends in the property management industry regarding resident payments and online technology. We wanted to hear what a few of our friends in the industry thought about these trends, so we interviewed Lisa Trosien, Jackie Ramstedt and Doug Chasick to get their expert views about what’s happening. Read More