Seamless Accounting Integration for Resident Payment Collections

Get a Precise Picture of Your Funds

PayLease obtains balance due info and populates resident payment directly into your accounting software, making the collection process seamless. Our top-notch integrations free you from manual data entry and ensure accurate payment and billing data.

We offer integrations with all major accounting systems. Our team is constantly working with leading property management software vendors to ensure a smooth flow of data between programs.

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Reports You’ll Love!

Reporting tools allow you to see real-time resident payment collection data for added insight into your business. We are constantly working with vendors within the property and HOA management industry to fully support our current and future clients.

Batch payment initiations

Batch payment deposits

Returned items & NSF’s

Summary of invoices

Real-time payment receipts

Voided/Cancelled payments

Multifamily Units

Since outsourcing their invoice processing to PayLease, Hilton Realty’s time handling of utility payments has dramatically decreased.

"Managing our utility AP was extremely laborious. We had one full-time person on our team handling the task, and it took up about 65% of her time."

Bill Chast | Controller

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How It Works

Resident Payments

A resident makes a payment and PayLease deposits the payment directly into your bank account.

Account Balance Updates

You receive a file that will be uploaded into your accounting software, automatically updating ledger and account balances.

Goodbye Data Entry, Goodbye Errors

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