Collect Resident Payments

Available through our web portal or mobile app, My Resident Network integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting software to reduce collection costs, promote e-billing to residents, and better manage cash flow for property staff. The My Resident Network app is available for free download on all iOS and Android devices.


Live Balances

Residents can see exactly what they owe, with any past balances or payments included. They pay faster knowing it's the correct amount, and you get the exact amount due.

Statement Details

Other apps only give residents a total with no details. With mystery comes in-action. Give residents what they need and collect faster.

Statement History

When residents can answer their own questions, they achieve happiness and let your staff focus on other work.

Our billing and payment solution can drive savings at your property. CONTACT SALES

Not all mobile apps are created equal, and not all residents have the same level of satisfaction with their property. As with most things in life, it’s the little extras that make a big difference.


Residents can sign up for automatic recurring monthly payments taken directly from their checking or savings accounts, eliminating late fees associated with last-minute payments.


With the swipe of a finger, residents can easily sign up for paperless billing.


Utility charges are broken down for residents by month and charge type, allowing your property staff to focus on other tasks.

Mobile App Downloads

My Resident Network packs everything your residents need into one easy-to-use app available for free download on iOS and Android devices. Call us today for a hands-on test drive to see what residents really want in a mobile app!