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Turn Utility Questions into Profitable Insights

Gain valuable insight into your properties’ utility usage, recoupment rates, and trends. In-depth reports and easy-to-understand visual dashboards help you make data-driven decisions with ease. When you have multiple properties in your portfolio, benchmarking performance data can be a challenge. With our Portfolio Insights Dashboard, you’ll have instant insight into important property metrics whenever you’re logged into your PayLease account. Packed with easy-to-understand charts and clear visualizations, you’ll be armed with the insights you need to confidently make data-driven decisions.

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Powerful Business Intelligence and Reporting

Data-driven Insights Improve Decision Making

Don’t waste time hunting down the data you need. Configure your PayLease dashboard to automatically display the reports you use most. Critical health call-outs automatically identify areas for improvement. Easily filter and benchmark to drill in to the metrics that matter to you.

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Just a Few of the Ways Portfolio Insights Can Help You

Benchmark utility expenses and recovery trends to ensure you’re maximizing revenue from allowable recovery

Identify if your properties are processing move-outs efficiently and on a timely basis to prevent unnecessary losses

Understand vacant unit utility violations and repeat offenses to adjust resident communication and deterrents where needed

Comprehensive Utility and Billing Metrics

Get a High-Level View or Filter for Detailed Answers

Because we know what data will guide you to make better decisions, we’ve preconfigured a variety of reports to help you control costs, increase revenue, identify emerging trends, and detect anomalies. Get a high-level view of your data, or drill down by portfolio, property, utility, and other parameters to suit your needs. Here’s a sample of our most-utilized reports.

Utility Recovery Report

Utility Recovery Performance and Trends

Pinpoint property utility costs plus allowable recoup and what percentage is being recovered from residents. Learn more about recovering utility expenses from your residents.

Property Utility Expenses detail

Property Utility Expenses

See how your properties’ utility costs have gone up or down over the years. Learn more about managing your properties’ utility expenses.

Vacant Cost Recovery detail

Vacant Unit Cost Recovery

Find out if any residents are delinquent on moving utilities in their name, and view the fees and charges being billed back to those residents. Learn more about preventing utility theft.

Move-out Utility Charges detail

Move-out Billing Charges

Analyze property move-outs and associated utility charges to ensure efficient cost recovery

Submeter Health detail

Submeter Health

Detect any potential errors with your properties’ submeters so you can quickly fix issues

Submeter Usage detail

Submeter Usage

Display daily reads from each of your submeters. Learn more about recouping utility costs with submeters.

How Can These Reports Help You Better Understand Your Business?

Gain More Insight

Automate Notifications and Report Sharing

Keep Your Team and Yourself in the Loop

Stay on top of business critical data without combing through reports. The Portfolio Insights Dashboard can be configured to automatically alert you and other team members about data that is important to your organization.

  • Proactive Notifications: We’ll enable you to take action the moment important changes occur. Receive instant notifications the moment key metrics fall outside your predefined thresholds.
  • Automated Report Sharing: Share the right report with the right individual instantly, or schedule it to to be delivered on an ongoing basis.
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