Online Payments

Let Residents Make a Payment Anytime, Anywhere

Give your residents the freedom to make a payment using a credit card or an e-check, from any device, day or night. Our flexible platform also allows residents to pay on a one-time or recurring basis. These convenient payment options boost resident satisfaction and improve cash flow.


Check out our other Payment methods

Check Scanning

Convert checks into electronic transactions so you can skip the data entry and trips to the bank.


Cash Pay

Residents electronically pay their rent using cash from major retail locations.



Residents can now use their PayPal account to pay their rent online.


Features that Property Managers Love

Our Online Payments Solution is Full of Features that Matter the Most to Property Managers

Website Integration

Our custom integration capabilities let residents make their payment on your website.

Accounting Integration

Online payments seamlessly integrate into all major accounting softwares.

Comprehensive Reporting

Extensive reporting capabilities makes it easy for you to find the data you need.

Credit Reporting for Rent Payments —A Win-Win for You and Your Residents

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The Easiest Way for Residents to Pay You

It’s not only residents who enjoy the benefits of online payments—Your staff will be thankful too.

Build Positive Credit

Improve Accounting Accuracy

Improve Cash Flow

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Multifamily Units

Planned Property Management Inc. owns and operates 28 buildings in the most desirable neighborhoods in Chicago. Planned Property Management has been a satisfied PayLease customer since 2005 and has more than 3,000 units under management.

"I would estimate at least 80% of our tenants have used PayLease at least once. It is so much easier than writing a check and adoption has grown considerably within our tenant base. PayLease makes our lives so much easier and I have already recommended them to other management firms."

Mary Francis | Collection Manager

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