BCM Services

BCM Services manages 95 homeowners associations across Florida, encompassing approximately 35,000 homes.

Our online payment utilization has spiked since we transitioned to PayLease. The fees to process an ACH transaction are nominal, which has encouraged more homeowners to pay online, giving us better cash flow, and reduced the time spent collecting payments.

Maria Arrieta, Accountant at BCM


The Goals

Online payments afford HOAs and property managers a reduced workload, and better insight into cash flow. But for BCM Services, who was using another provider prior to joining PayLease, they were seeing few of these benefits. Maria Arrieta, Accountant at BCM described the problems with their former payment provider.

“For starters, few homeowners would pay online with our old service because of the high convenience fees. They were charged a flat fee of $14.95, regardless of the payment type or the balance due. Many homeowners complained and chose to pay by check instead. The online transactions we did have were supposed to integrate into our accounting software, TOPS, but that integration was shaky. Integration problems caused me to need assistance on numerous occasions, but the vendor’s call center had limited support hours and representatives. With our offices being on opposite time zones, it wasn’t unusual for several business days to pass before I could reach someone, or get a resolution to the problem. These problems made our online payment solution a burden rather than a convenience, so we began to look at other providers who could solve these challenges.”