Champion Property Management

Champion Property Management operates in central Ohio and manages nearly 2,700 multifamily units across eleven locations. Champion has been a PayLease client since 2011 and have a high percentage of residents that pay rent electronically.

If e-payments were not a free service to our residents, I doubt we would be experiencing this kind of utilization.



The Challenge

Champion Property Management came to PayLease with a goal to dramatically lower the number of paper checks received every month. With multiple large properties in their portfolio, Champion’s property managers were spending several days per month manually processing rent payments and chasing delinquent residents. By offering residents the ability to pay with a credit card or an e-check, Champion hoped to decrease time spent manually processing payments, speed funding time, and increase on-time collections. PayLease advised Champion that they would need a high percentage of residents paying electronically to fully obtain these goals and outlined strategies for success.