Halsted Place Apartments

Halsted Place Apartments is a multifamily property located in Chicago. When the property was acquired by Golub Real Estate in March 2012, they hired PayLease to process their resident payments.

Since we became a PayLease client, I was anxiously awaiting the release of their check scanning solution. I knew it would be a much better fit for property managers than what our bank offered.



The Challenge

Halsted Place Apartments began processing online payments several months prior to the release of PayLease’s check scanning solution. While the percentage of online payment received at Halsted Place was steadily increasing, approximately half of their residents were still paying rent with a paper check. Halsted wanted to quickly convert those payments into electronic transactions to help free up time during rent week. Halsted decided to use a check scanning service through their bank, but found that it lacked functionalities suited to property managers, such as integration into accounting software. They continued to process checks with their bank, but were open to switching solutions should a better option come along.