[Slideshare] Key Takeaways & Recommendations from Apartmentalize

Learn the Key Trends and Takeaways that are Top-of-Mind Among Multifamily Owners and Executives

While at the PayLease booth, client meetings, and over drinks in downtown Denver, we noted a number of trends and takeaways that are top of mind for multifamily owners and management companies. 

Key NAA Insights:

  • Apartments equipped with Smart home amenities are realizing rent premiums of $25 – $40 per unit per month
  • It is expected that smart apartment devices will be table stakes by 2025
  • A best practice smart home vendor evaluation criteria has emerged across multifamily
  • Most multifamily Property Managers receive 20-30% of their payments online, but it’s possible to drive online payments up to 50%+ with the right setup and tooling
  • 40% of management companies don’t yet have a utility strategy in place

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Key Takeaways and Recommendations from Apartmentalize

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