Student Housing Units

SAMI manages student housing properties across the state of Illinois, primarily surrounding the Illinois State University campus and Bradley University campus in Peoria. They have grown from managing only 150 units in 1989, to over 2,000 units today.

"PayLease has drastically cut down on the time we spend handling payments. It is a smooth system that consistently works well. Our previous solution was a nightmare and using PayLease has been a dramatically different and pleasant experience for us."

Marc Elder | General Manager

The Challenge

SAMI had an automated payments program in place through another vendor when they turned to PayLease back in 2007. The former solution was widely regarded by SAMI’s staff as more of a hassle rather than a convenience because of two recurring problems. First, resident payments were often deposited into the wrong property’s bank account, resulting in hours of extra work for the accounting staff. Secondly, SAMI was not receiving notifications of returned payments until several weeks, or sometimes months down the road. Tracking down the delinquent funds so long after the attempted payment often proved unsuccessful because of the high resident turnover associated with student housing. SAMI sought a provider who could eliminate these problems and ensure that receiving funds electronically would be convenient..

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