Single Family

We make managing property finances the easiest part of your day

Managing the billing for single family dwellings across diverse geographic areas can be a full time job, negatively affecting your ability to execute day to day property management tasks. PayLease helps automate payments for single family portfolios, allowing you to concentrate on growing your revenue.

Easy to use

Our intuitive, easy-to-use system was designed with a single result in mind: Making your job easier. Our user-friendly features and visually pleasing dashboard make single family unit payment processing easy.

Simple implementation

Our team will fully implement your system in a matter of weeks and provide hands-on training to ensure you start seeing ROI immediately.

No property management fees

Our flexible pricing allows you to build processing fees into resident bills.

Ongoing support

Our US-based, support center is staffed by single family experts ready to support you at a moment’s notice.


Single Family Solutions



Save time and reduce your workload with fast, flexible and secure resident payments.


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