Pricing for PayLease Solution

Because of the diverse portfolio types we service, PayLease does not believe in a one-size-fits-all pricing model. We also believe you should only pay for what you use. That’s why we offer several flexible transaction-based pricing options and programs to ensure your online payments system benefits both your organization and your residents.

Incurred – If you’re looking to maximize the use of e-payments amongst your residents, incurring processing fees on behalf of your tenants is the way to go.  Since residents are more inclined to use a service if it is free, incurring fees leads to higher utilization rates of electronic payments – saving you the time and effort of processing traditional remittance.

Passed – If you’re looking for a virtually cost-free service model for your management company, a passed fee model is ideal. With this approach, residents incur transaction fees in the form of a convenience fee. Passing transaction fees along to your residents will allow you to implement an electronic payments program quickly and with minimal costs.

No matter what structure you choose, our pricing includes all the resources and tools you need to make your program a success.  A personal account manager, support resources and marketing programs are standard for all clients.

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