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Product Integration with Rent Manager

There’s a reason PayLease is the preferred vendor of payments and utility management services for Rent Manager users. We deliver an easy-to-use platform that comes complete with seamless integration and the highest levels of security. Top it off with an award-winning client support team, and you can see why over 2,200 property management companies trust PayLease and Rent Manager to help run their business.

The PayLease Platform will boost your portfolio’s Net Operating Income, improve your operational efficiencies, and enhance your residents’ satisfaction, all while integrating with your Rent Manager software.

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Multifamily Units

"All of PayLease’s services integrate into our management software and it has made a world of difference for our entire staff. Dealing with utilities in particular has been a drastic improvement because we now have full insight into that data. Recovering those costs from residents is more streamlined and has even led to more on-time payments because residents pay rent and utilities at the same time."

Jennifer Howard | Chief Financial Officer at Boutique Apartments

Learn how Boutique Apartments leveraged PayLease and Rent Manager to improve productivity and increase cost savings by implementing Resident Utility Billing and Utility Expense Management.

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Give your tenants the option to pay their rent electronically through Tenant Web Access. Your tenants will love the convenience, and you’ll love seeing all of your electronic payments appear on the tenant ledger in your Rent Manager software in real-time. Streamlining your rent collection process saves you time and money!

eCheck, Credit Card, CashPay & Check21

We offer echecks, credit cards, a cash payment solution, and a check-scanning solution. Plus we offer flexible convenience fee options, letting you choose to pass or absorb resident fees.

Credit Reporting Feature

Positive credit reporting allows residents to benefit from paying on time every time.

Owner Payments

Make payments to your owners, or receive an owner contribution.

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Resident Billing

Recoup utility expenses, increase your NOI, and create a new revenue stream with Resident Billing. PayLease calculates your residents’ utility usage, and consolidates each resident’s rent, utility charges, and ancillary fees onto one comprehensive, itemized statement.

Seamless Integration

Resident Billing integrates with your Rent Manager Software.

Portfolio Insights Dashboard

Easily view your properties’ utility and recoupment metrics so you can lower operating costs and improve revenue.

Customized Statements

Statements with dynamic messaging allow you to market custom communications to your residents.

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Utility Expense Management

With Utility Expense Management, PayLease takes over the time-consuming process of collecting and paying each of your properties’ utility bills. We carefully analyze each utility invoice, searching for billing errors and opportunities to save you money. We’ll dispute any errors on your behalf, and can even bill your residents for their share of utilities.

Streamline Utility Payments

Stop processing multiple utility bills and paying multiple vendors.

Vacant Cost Recovery

Recover un-recouped utility expenses when residents fail to transfer utilities into their name at move-in.

Advance Reporting

360-degree analytics provide real-time reporting and research data.

Reducing utility costs is a complicated route to navigate.

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