A Safer, More Convenient Alternative to Money Orders

Our CashPay solution lets residents electronically pay rent with cash from over 25,000 CheckFreePay® locations nationwide. CashPay transactions appear in the PayLease system instantaneously and integrate into your accounting software. By converting the payment into an electronic transaction, your company receives the funds faster than manually processing it. Plus, it eliminates cash from the management office, reducing the risk of theft.


CashPay Locations

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Why do Residents Love CashPay?

Residents can conveniently make a payment while they’re out running errands

Pay virtually anywhere including participating mom & pop stores or big box retailers

Residents don’t have to travel back to the community office to drop off their payment

No need to purchase multiple money orders to cover their rent

Credit Reporting for Rent Payments —A Win-Win for You and Your Residents

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Single Family Units

CashPay Saves the Day After a Major Drop Box Theft

Residents have expressed their satisfaction with the convenience and the security of this payment option. It has restored our residents’ confidence in us.

"Residents have expressed their satisfaction with the convenience and security of Cash Pay. It has restored our residents’ confidence in us."

Allison Treadwell | Office Manager

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