Finally End Trips to the Bank

Using PayLease’s check scanning solution, property managers can convert checks and money orders into electronic transactions, eliminating trips to the bank and considerably improving funding time.

PayLease’s check scanning solution is unrivaled, providing the highest levels of functionality, convenience, and support than any other solution available to property managers. Each scanned item seamlessly integrates into your accounting software, allowing you to see all payments in real-time.

Our system is compatible with all major scanners, letting you use a scanner you may already have. And, our check scanning service works no matter what bank your properties use. For management companies without a scanner, we can provide you with top-of-the-line scanners, suited to meet your property’s specific needs.

Read a comparison of PayLease’s check scanning solution vs. bank. CASE STUDY

Check Scanning is Easy

PayLease connects the dots for you; from collecting checks to populating your accounting software.

Community Manager
receives a paper check & logs into PayLease website

Community Manager uses check scanning portal to
scan and submit checks

PayLease electronically
deposits funds into the property’s bank account

PayLease populates
accounting software
with payment information

Since we started using PayLease for check scanning, we’ve been able to remove a couple of steps typically involved in processing rent checks. We don’t have to go to the bank, plus PayLease automatically creates batch deposits for us. That means that we don’t have to manually enter any information in order for the checks to electronically deposit.


Why is PayLease’s Scanning Ideal for Property Managers?

Single sign-on

Resident file integration

Reporting integration with e-payment data

Seamless accounting software integration

Simple enrollment process and easy-to-use scanning environment

Scanner quality and compatibility

State-of-the-art imaging system