PayLease & PayPal Together

PayLease now offers your residents and homeowners the option to pay their rent or HOA dues using PayPal. Your residents or homeowners will just need to enter their PayPal credentials when prompted during the PayLease payment process.

Added Benefits:

Secure and Trustworthy

PayPal processes billions of online and mobile transactions annually.

Seamless Integration

PayPal transactions process seamlessly into your management company bank accounts set up with PayLease.

Fast and Efficient

Residents and homeowners can bypass data entry pages since their payment information is securely stored with PayPal.

Flexible Payment Choices

Residents and homeowners can pay with ACH, Credit Card, Debit Card or their PayPal balance.

Credit Reporting for Rent Payments —A Win-Win for You and Your Residents

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Why We Partnered With PayPal

PayPal and PayLease share the same vision—to revolutionize online payments! Our companies care deeply about clients, and want to provide a seamless payment process paired with outstanding customer support.

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