Custom Billing Services for Property Management

PayLease’s custom billing services do more than let your residents know how much they owe. With our customized statements, you can include important messages on each resident’s bill. Our Resident Billing service is flexible and lets you communicate the message of your choice each month. Add dynamic messages to resident statements with our custom billing software.

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Customized Billing Statements for Residents

Need to communicate better with your residents? A monthly bill for rent or HOA dues is the perfect place to spread the word about any important updates. Here are some ways our clients use our customized billing services to their advantage:


Address common FAQs to cut down on unnecessary confusion and phone calls to the office

Resident Reminders

Notify residents of any recent policy changes or billing updates

Special Event Announcements

Tell residents about important community-sponsored events

Service Request Instructions

Remind residents to call the correct person in charge of maintenance

Payment Instructions

Let residents know where to pay, and what payment forms will or will not be accepted

Late Payment Policy

Provide notices on due dates, fees, and policies to make sure residents stay on track

'Go Paperless' Messages

Encourage residents to sign up for paperless billing

Online Payments

Let residents know how they can pay their bill online

Referral Program

Explain incentives for referring new residents to your community

Move in Move out Details

Simplify financial and physical steps necessary to get residents in or out

Social Media Promotion

Promote your social networking channels to increase web traffic and engagement

These are just a few examples of how our clients have used customized bills to improve efficiency. The benefits don’t stop there. Customized billing statements for residents can include any type of information you feel is relevant. Why send out a newsletter or separate announcement, when there is already monthly correspondence going out? Save on paper, stamps, and manpower by consolidating your communication with customized billing statements that go the extra mile.

Customized Billing Software

There are More Perks for Using PayLease’s Custom Billing Software

Boost On-time Payments

Residents can easily pay in full by the due date

Increase Accuracy

Our custom billing software reduces manual data entry for greater accounting accuracy

Smooth Integration

PayLease software integrates seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure


We’ll field calls from any residents who need payment assistance


Wehner Multifamily provides full-service management for B & C class apartment communities. Thanks to a strong focus on maximizing occupancy and revenue, they have experienced rapid growth over the past few years, expanding to more than 22,000 units.

"PayLease makes sure we are maximizing recoupment while keeping us in line with billing regulations. Thanks to all those details, we collect more at the end of the day,” said Juan Levya, Acquisition Speciliast at Wehner Multifamily. Wehner's online payment utilization increased approximately 94% as a result of consolidated statements that residents can pay in one transaction. “Residents now have all of their property and utility charges in one statement, they pay them all at once and it’s made online payment adoption increase. It’s definitely made business easier for us. I know just for myself, I save several hours per week thanks to the added automation.”

Juan Levya | Acquisition Specialist at Wehner Multifamily

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