Resident Billing Legal and Regulatory Support for Property Managers

As a property management professional, you probably agree that there are better uses for your time than trying to decipher confusing resident utility billing regulations. But failing to comply with billing regulations (or worse yet, not billing your residents at all for utilities) can be a costly mistake. That’s where we come in. Our Resident Billing Team will advise you on the best way to recoup utility expenses from residents while keeping each of your properties in compliance with the numerous state and municipal regulations. And since our experts are also active members of the utility billing legal scene, we can inform you right away if new laws will affect your properties.

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Challenges of Utility Billing Regulations

  • Differ from state to municipality
  • Differ based on type of property, utility tariffs and other factors
  • Rules are altered regularly as new laws are passed or existing laws are interpreted differently
  • Non-compliance can result in harsh fines and penalties
Keep your property management company in compliance without sacrificing revenue. Our legal and regulatory support services are unmatched in the industry, helping property managers minimize noncompliance risk and maximize revenue.

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Maximize Utility Expense Recovery While Minimizing Risk

At PayLease, we know staying in compliance with utility billing regulations is just as important as maximizing your utility expense recovery. We will advise you of all the laws and regulations that pertain to each property you wish to onboard. Whatever your portfolio’s makeup may be, we know the applicable regulations inside and out. You can rest assured that you are maximizing recoupment and revenue without any risk.

What Can PayLease Do For You?

Determine applicable billing regulations for each property in your portfolio

Create a custom billing model that maximizes your revenue and minimizes your risk

Help you craft updated resident lease language

Provide regular audits to ensure compliance as your situation or the regulatory environment changes

Advocate for fairer billing regulations in front of regulatory bodies

What Makes PayLease Different?

With PayLease, you not only receive our expert advice on utility billing compliance, we pair that with personalized service that you won’t find anywhere else. Because we believe in being highly engaged with our clients, you’ll feel confident in your billing solution and fully supported whenever questions arise. Here are some of the key industry experts on our team:

Michael Foote Profile Picture

Michael Foote, Senior Director of Legal and Compliance

Michael is one of the top experts in utility billing compliance, and his lobbying and advocacy efforts have helped shape its regulatory landscape. PayLease clients are able to leverage his in-depth knowledge of maximizing utility expense recovery while staying in compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

Cole Bowman Profile Picture

Cole Bowman, Vice President of Sales

Cole has been in the multifamily industry for 10 years, with a focus on client experience, billing and submetering operations. He works closely with PayLease customers to deliver strategic guidance and support them in achieving their goals.

Highly Personalized Attention and Service

Once you are a client, we won’t just leave you hanging. Our Client Success Team will regularly check in with you to:

  • Offer account reviews and audits

  • Update you with any evolving utility regulations that may affect you

  • Address any questions or concerns you may have


"A big differentiator between PayLease and their competitors is the guidance PayLease provides about utility billing regulations," said Leyva. "Utility regulations are very confusing and vary by property location. PayLease takes the time to explain it all to us and also provides guidance on how to maximize recoupment rates for each property. We would not receive this level of guidance from other companies, so it was a big part of the decision to go with PayLease," he added.

Juan Leyva | Acquisition Specialist at Wehner Multifamily

Wehner Multifamily

We know utility billing regulations are confusing. If you aren’t sure how to collect utility expenses from residents while staying in compliance, let’s chat. Our broad industry expertise and highly personalized service will leave you with the peace of mind that you’re maximizing revenue without breaking any laws.

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