Property Management Paperless Billing

Paperless pay is just one benefit of PayLease’s Resident Billing solution. Using electronic billing services speeds up the resident payment process, helping property managers and HOAs receive their rent and due payments faster.  Go paperless and make your business more efficient.

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Benefits of Paperless Billing for Property Managers and HOAs

Why are so many property management companies opting for an e-billing solution?

Faster Rent Collection

Reduce rent processing time

More Reliable Rent Collection

Cut down on delinquencies

Automate Rent Payments

Residents can set up AutoPay to ensure their bills get paid each month

Immediate Payment Confirmations

Payments are automatically reflected in accounting software

Lower Liability

Never worry about a lost paper check or money order again

Reduced Data Entry Time

Eliminate manual payment processing

Reduced Data Errors

Eliminate resident under-billing and over-billing

Improve Resident Satisfaction

Residents will be happier with more convenient payment options

How the Paperless Pay Option for Residents Works

Residents receive an electronic bill that includes rent, utilities, and any other ancillary charges. They can pay for all of their charges in a single online transaction, over the phone, or mail in a payment.

Our Clients Love Paperless Pay

Champion Property Management came to PayLease with a goal to dramatically lower the number of paper checks received every month.

“We knew that processing our rent payments electronically would have a great impact on the efficiency of our office, so we were willing to do whatever was necessary to maximize the number of residents paying that way.”

Sarah Delon | ControllerChampion Property Management

Champion’s Resident Utilization: 77%

Multifamily Units: 2,700

Monthly Savings: $2,452

Property Management Paperless Billing with PayLease

Collecting rent and HOA dues is easier than ever thanks to PayLease’s Resident Billing service. Implementing paperless billing is cost-effective and easy.

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