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Implementing PayLease’s resident billing software is effortless when you have a dedicated support team on your side. Our Resident Billing clients receive comprehensive support, even after we’ve gotten your account up and running. We’re here for any questions you may have, and also proactively monitor your account to ensure each billing cycle is a smooth process.

Before your first billing cycle, our Onboarding and Training Specialists will handle all the logistics for implementation including product integration, determining each property’s billing configuration, and training for your staff. We make sure that our Resident Billing support team is knowledgeable about all property management softwares, ensuring every client has a seamless integration. For any billing inquiries and day-to-day account maintenance, our Client Account Representatives and Client Services Team will be there for assistance. By working with PayLease for all your property management support services, you’re assured an expert team that truly understands your unique property is there for you.

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Property Management Support for Your Resident Billing Software

The Onboarding & Training Specialist handles all the logistics of the initial launch, including:

  • Product integration, pulling resident data from your accounting software to the billing system
  • Combing through your current bills and applicable historical information to discover how your property operates
  • Conducting a review of state and local billing regulations to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Training your staff members to get the most from the new system
  • Completing the first billing cycle with you to work out any kinks or answer any questions
  • Setting up additional properties in your portfolio

Compared with other Resident Billing providers, we offer short implementation times. If you are currently using another Resident Utility Billing provider, PayLease will develop a timeline for cancellation with that vendor. We’ll walk you through the current service you’re receiving and review your lease addendums to make sure everything lines up.

Product Support Services for Property Managers

Once your first billing cycle is completed, you’ll begin working with the Client Success Team, who will:

  • Guide you on increasing Net Operating Income
  • Show you how to enhance user experience for your in-house team
  • Help you promote the new system’s features to your residents
  • Handle any changes to the delivery invoice, including adding or removing utilities from resident bills
  • Provide integration support, such as adding new functionality
  • Onboard any new employees to the system
  • Offer strategic support at the corporate level with custom dynamic messages

We want you to feel confident using our Resident Billing platform. Our Client Success Team is available for additional training and will check in on your continued success.

Integration Setup and Ongoing Support

For any ongoing support and service questions, Property Managers and Residents can reach out to our Client Success and Resident Experience Teams. Requests may include:

  • Completing day-to-day account maintenance tasks
  • Issuing regular statement updates
  • Answering questions about specific amounts that are billed
  • Providing resident-related support by phone or email

PayLease products are designed to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and efficient. Questions will inevitably arise as they pertain to your residents, bills, and properties. We ease these situations by assigning you knowledgeable and friendly success team members who are familiar with your industry and portfolio type. Our award-winning Client Success and Resident Experience teams are here to help.

Contact us to learn how PayLease can become an integral partner in your property management business.

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"We loved the online payments solution PayLease offered and knew their customer service was outstanding,” said Howard. “When our Client Success Advocate told us that PayLease had started providing Resident Billing and Utility Expense Management solutions that they integrate with all major property management softwares, we signed up almost right away.”

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