Customer Service

PayLease offers more client and resident support resources than any other e-payment provider in the property management industry. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide world-class customer service, and it’s resulted in a 96% retention rate among our clients.

Account Management

When you become a PayLease client, a Client Account Representative (CAR) will immediately be assigned to you. Your CAR will guide you through the implementation process to ensure you are up and running in a timely matter. And since PayLease fully understands the benefits of high resident utilization rates, your CAR will continually work with you on strategies to drive utilization of electronic payments among your residents. In addition to your CAR, PayLease also employs a Client Services team to assist you with day-to-day maintenance on your account.

Call Center Support

We are proud to offer the industry's only 24/7 call center for phone in payments. Our round-the-clock call center provides residents with live assistance regardless of the time of day, allowing you to capture more payments electronically. We also offer a call center solely dedicated to property management professionals who need technical assistance with their account.