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PayLink is the preferred way for residents to make payments to their Property Manager. Residents simply visit and select Sign Up or Click to Pay Now. Once a resident completes their FREE registration with PayLink, they are ready to log in and make payments online.

Through PayLink, residents can choose to make a rent payment online with either a credit card or an e-check draft from their checking account. Residents have the option of making a One-Time Payment or setting up an AutoPay Debit Cycle on their own terms. Residents can also use the ExpressPay payment option for next day deposit. It’s that easy! Residents can also check the status of their online payments, View payment history and manage their e-mail notifications.

Pay Rent with Credit Card or E-Check

PayLease offers the convenience to its users to pay their rent or HOA using electronic check (e-check) or credit cards. We accept all major credit cards: Master Card, Visa, Discover and AMEX.